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This seminar explores the relationship between Black communities, both native-born and immigrant, and the question of American citizenship. It explores this relationship in various contexts: through political ideologies, religious communities, and shared cultural heritage.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

(10:00-10:15 am) Welcome Address by Dean Jacqueline Mattis

(10:15-11:45 am) A Conversation between Salamishah Tillet and Claudia Rankine
Salamishah Tillet, Henry Rutgers Professor, Africana Studies and Creative Writing, Rutgers University, Newark
Claudia Rankine, Iseman Professor, Poetry, Yale University

(1:00-2:30 pm) Black Citizenship
Christina Greer, Associate Professor, Political Science and American Studies, Fordham University
Niambi Carter, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland, College Park
Yarimar Bonilla, Professor, Anthropology, Graduate Center City University of New York
Reuel Rogers, Associate Professor, Political Science, Northwestern University
Moderator: Hyacinth Miller, Assistant Teaching Professor, Africana Studies and Political Science, Rutgers University, Newark

(3:00-4:30 pm) Black Citizenship and Religion
John Jackon, Professor and Dean, University of Pennsylvania
Zain Abdullah, Associate Professor, Religion, Temple University
Todne Thomas, Associate Professor, African American Religious Studies, Harvard Divinity School
Carlos Deceña, Associate Profesor, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Moderator: Wendell Marsh, Assistant Professor, Africana Studies, Rutgers University, Newark