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**Recording from the seminar on November 16 can be found below and on our YouTube channel!**

Kim DaCosta Holton, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese, Rutgers University, Newark
Tim Raphael, Professor, Arts, Culture, and Media, Rutgers University, Newark
Mayte Green-Mercado, Associate Professor, History, Rutgers University, Newark

Co-sponsored by Mediterranean Displacements ProjectInstitute for the Study of Global Racial Justice, and Center for Migration and the Global City

Scholarship on migration and displacement focuses mostly on the conditions that force people to leave their places of origin or the challenges that people face during their departure or arrival. In this sense, academic research on migration tends to reproduce particular frameworks shared across the disciplines of demography, sociology, political science, economics, and history. Relatively absent from these discussions are artistic expressions. By bringing together scholars and performers, this seminar examines the intersections between migration and the arts to consider questions about the role of music, dance, and performance in articulating displaced identities in urban migrations, how literary and visual arts can evoke memories of war, or how the culture of cities has been formed and transformed by global migration. It will also consider how aesthetic vocabularies are maintained and repurposed in adopted homelands, and how expressive culture impacts processes and perceptions of belonging and alienation in both origin and host contexts.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022: RSVP | Event Program

3:00-5:00 pm
Alexandra Vázquez, Associate Professor, Performance Studies, New York University
Yona Stamatis, Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology, University of Illinois Springfield
Daniel Da Silva, Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Amir ElSaffar, Musician/Composer

6:00-11:00 pm
Performances and party after the seminar at ODR Studios

Marcy DePina, DJ and MC

Performances by
Amir ElSaffar and Two Rivers Ensemble
Janétza Miranda, singer-songwriter and classical Spanish guitarist of Taína descent from Newark, NJ
Debbie Ovalles, Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian dance