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The Pandemic and the City seminar attempts a fairly unusual combination; it blends scholarly, creative, and hands-on assessments of the healthcare industry and its status as a hub of immigrant communities, as seen through the lens of the pandemic. The healthcare industry is perhaps the largest industry in Newark, and one which relies heavily on immigrants at every level of care—doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers—even as it reflects the glaring medical disparities in those immigrant and minority communities.


Wednesday, April 12, 2023: RSVP | Event Program

(10:00-11:30 am) The Pandemic and the City: Art, Medicine, Migration
George Aumoithe, Harvard University
Dr. Denise Rodgers, Vice Chancellor, Inter-Professional Programs, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences
Natalia Nakazawa, Our Stories of Migration Workshop, Brooklyn Museum
Anthony Urena, Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Sociology, Princeton University (beginning Fall 2023: Assistant Professor, Sociology, Rutgers University, Newark)
Moderator: Enobong (Anna) Branch, Senior Vice President for Equity, Rutgers University

(1:00-2:30 pm) Closing Panel: Institutionalizing Change
Nancy Cantor, Chancellor, Rutgers University, Newark
Roberto Gonzales, Founder and Director, Penn Migration Initiative, University of Pennsylvania
Jason Hernandez, Rutgers Immigrant Community Assistance Project
Peter T. Rosario, President and CEO, La Casa de Don Pedro
Moderator: Kornel Chang, Associate Professor, History, Rutgers University, Newark

(2:45-3:30 pm) Jazz Performance and Student Poetry Readings

(3:30-6:30 pm) End of Seminar Reception